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Clinical Licence: 10101039365

KARMA S-ERGO 205 F20 Wheelchair

Price ฿10899.00

KARMA S-ERGO 205 F20 Wheelchair Description

- Standard model, strong and durable, suitable for general people or people with disabilities.
- Seat width 18 inches, comfortable to sit
- 6 inch front wheel, 20 inch rear wheel
- The armrest frame extends out on the sides for more thigh space.
- Foldable backrest Save storage space
- The footrest can swing out to the side Make it easy to get on and off.
- The weight of the car is 11.4 kg, can support the weight of 100 kg.
- Ergonomic S-shaped concave cushion provides comfort
- Helps distribute pressure and prevent falling from the wheelchair

How to use
Used to support the mobility of the handicapped. or the elderly Users can make their own shopping carts. or have a wheelchair

Company service
There is a service center including selling spare parts There are staff ready to answer questions. and consulting the use

Product Warranty
5 year product warranty

Read the warning label and papers of the medical device before use.

Delivery Service 3-4 days