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Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Futuro Compression Back Support

Price ฿1660.00

Futuro Compression Back Support Description

Used for : Helps to support the back muscles. Adjust to the fit, sparse, tightening to the body. Therefore it's able to wear clothes over it due to airy material, good moisture, and air ventilation. Gives a comfortable feeling while wearing.
How to use : Wrap around the waist in the back position. Catch the end of the waist strap inside both sides. Pull on the front of the abdomen. Tighten the elastic band on both sides, and pull to the front at the same time. Press onto the holder on the waist strap, and move tightly. Measure the waist around the navel 32-48 inches or 81-122 cm.
Component : Nylon+Polyester+Rubber+Polypropylene +Neoprene+Spandex