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Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Enfalac 1 Smart Plus 225 g

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Enfalac 1 Smart Plus 225 g Description

Used for : Raising babies from birth to 1 year
How to use : Add ripe water (40 degrees) to the bottle as specified milk powder according to the number of spoons that have been measured to the quantity of the lid, shake the bottle gently until all the milk powder is fully dissolved
Component : Lactose 33.35%+whey protein 15.6%+Olein Palm Oil 13.2% +Milk, lack of butter 13.1%+Soybean oil 5.9%+Coconut oil 5.9%*Flower oil 4.4%+galactosaccharide 2.9%
+2.7%inulin*+vitamins and minerals 1.35%+Colleen chloride 0.13% +Wealth 0.05%+others