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Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Enfalac A+ Formula1 500 g

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Enfalac A+ Formula1 500 g Description

Used for : Suitable for babies less than 1 year old
How to use : Add ripe water (40°C) to the bottle as specified. Add 1 spoon of milk powder 1 spoon. Close the lid. Shake well
Component : Lactose 45.1%+Milk lack of butter 12.7%+Olene palm oil 11.3%*Coconut oil 5%*Soybean oil 5%+dark whey protein Thick (80%) 3.86%*Sunflower oil 3.76%+dark whey protein Concentrated (73%) 6.34%+galaxy 3.1%+vitamins and 2.41%mineral+other