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Corporate Information
Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Caregiver training

Price ฿1500.00

Caregiver training Description

The nursing staff will show you how to properly care for the elderly. Those who wish to recuperate or rehabilitate after leaving the hospital are both able to help themselves and not people with congenital diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lipids, chronic wounds, pressure sores, those who need to feed through the tube, suck phlegm, and have problems controlling their digestive system.

Package Inclusion

A. Recommended to measure the pulse signal level. (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiratory rate)

b. Recommend routine care such as body cleaning, nail clipping, feeding flipping Standing up/sitting including the use of wheelchairs (if any) and other assistance

C. Nurses will provide service and advice on basic procedures for 4 hours.