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Nasogastric Tube Care

Price ฿1000.00

Nasogastric Tube Care Description

NG tube stands for Nasogastric tube, a tube that runs between the nasal cavity and into the stomach.  It is the first choice when feeding is required in people who are unable to take food by mouth on their own. and also have normal gastrointestinal function  It is usually given in the short term, no more than 4 weeks.

Who should be fed through a tube (NG tube)?

  • Those who cannot eat food by mouth  or eat less than 60% of your daily energy intake for more than 3-7 days,
  • patients with swallowing problems  and choking on food, those with malnutrition,
  • Those who are unconscious or refuse to eat by mouth  This includes people with psychiatric disorders such as Anorexia nervosa or dementia such as Dementia, Alzheimer, Stroke

Advantages of inserting NG tubes

  • Easy to put on and convenient  
  • cost is not expensive
  • It doesn't take long to put  no surgery needed  
  • Able to change cables at home (Service only Does not include medical supplies) The patient is fully nutritious.  as the body deserves

service to be received
A. Changing the feeding line through the nose, including equipment by professional nurses Maximum service time is 90 minutes.