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Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Dumex Dulac Formula 1 575 g

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Dumex Dulac Formula 1 575 g Description

Used for : Suitable for babies less than 1 year old
How to use : Add clean water (40°C) to the bottle as specified. Add milk powder 1 spoon. Close the lid. Shake well.
Component : 35.67%of the powder+vegetable oil 23.21%+Lactose 22.33%+milk powder Lack of butter 12.47%+Inulin 1.75%+total minerals 1.6%+polyFructose 1.55%+fish oil 0.44% *Oil that provides azido acid Nick 0.25%+0.21%vitamins+0.04%+LL Carnitine 0.002%+beta carotene 0.001%